"Great class both me and my husband left feeling very positive and excited for our birth. The class was relaxed and friendly. Jess was very knowledgeable and informative but also incredibly easy to be with. We both felt very at ease. We had read a little on Hypnobirthing however this really is a must you are considering using hypnobirthing techniques for your birth. I think all women/couples should be aware of this valuable knowledge and resource." - Jessie Ollis 2019

"I attended a 1:1 mindful mamma hypnobirthing session a few weeks before my birth. I was extremely anxious about birth... when it was going to happen, where it would happen and how I would cope with the pain. The class completely changed my perspective on birth and I left excited about meeting my baby. Jessika was friendly, enthusiastic and very knowledgeable. The class was held in a warm and comfortable environment and I felt at ease from the start. I was able to use the techniques in the lead up to my birth and throughout the different stages of labour. I can’t recommend the sessions enough." - Flo 2019

"Jessika is a natural teacher, warm and caring about the people she works with and the delicate subject she conveys. Thankyou for helping us to prepare for our third child and for being the facilitator of a day of connecting us both to the birth to be. Jessika covered the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of birth and we are both grateful for her time, and energy." - Caroline Evans 2019

"Our mindful hypnobirthing class with Jess was incredible. My husband and I found the day so informative and amazingly empowering. Jess is open and down to earth and the pace of her class is great, with plenty of opportunities to practise the practical strategies, and ask questions. My husband particularly loved the birth partner section and he is now feeling much more prepared and confident. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jess's class to anyone who is thinking about it. Thank you!" - Jenny 2019

"Jess is a fantastic teacher - engaging, encouraging and warm and she instantly put us at ease. The class gave me the confidence to get through a difficult birth with minimal intervention, leaving me feeling positive and strong. I would recommend Jess’s classes to anyone!" - Christina R 2019